Cryptostone Decentralized Exchange

  • A high level of security. users can control their funds, so they can avoid the risk of an exchange hack or malicious operator.
  • Transparency of all transactions. Since all transactions are publicly tracked through the blockchain, DEXs ensure a high level of transparency.
  • Users’ anonymity. Users can remain anonymous when they exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Users don’t have to go through the identification process which happens in centralized exchanges. This feature has attracted a lot of people who do not like to reveal their identities.
  • A simple and clear interface. Even non-tech savvy users can quickly get the hang of it.
  • DEX doesn’t store client funds. This feature reduces the responsibility for the owners of the exchange.
DEX model
  • No sign-up needed



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Cryptostone is an anonymous blockchain ecosystem to utilize blockchain technology as financial tools in people’s life.